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Pikopiko <3


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Hello baes! Here’s another treat for my amazing followers. This one is smaller than my last one but it still has some goodies you’ll like I’m sure. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me. Have a great day yo! 

Anyways, here you have the rules:

-You can reblog as many times as you want.

-Likes count.

-Anyone can enter the giveaway (don’t follow and unfollow after the giveaway please [das rude])

-There will be 3 winners for this giveaway. Selected with random.org

-Winners will be announced privately because I know how some of you can get and I don’t wanna be responsible of anyone getting harassed

-Shipping internationally.

-Strictly NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS please. I mean this.

-You gotta be at least 16+ or have your parents permission to share your personal info

-Please, follow my “/giveaway” tag for any updates/info about the giveaway or if you have any questions.

-The giveaway ends on September 1st. That’ll give you time to reblog and have your chances increase.^=^

Under the cut you’ll find the details of the items that are given away. It’s quite long so that’s why I put under it.

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Ruki x Hands

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i just cleaned my room &found a bunch of stuff i dont need anymore so im giving it away to yall o(≧o≦)o


  • QB plushie
  • hetalia sticker sheet x2
  • pokemon + hetalia card stickers x4
  • hetalia bookmarks x2
  • hetalia folders x3
  • hetalia envelope
  • driffblim figurine hand puppet thing
  • pikachu charm
  • evangelion asuka chibi swimsuit figurine
  • vocaloid miku china dress figurine
  • tiger&bunny plastic card things x5
  • tiger&bunny sky high charm
  • hand buzzer
  • bear stationary
  • address book
  • travel notebook
  • piggie notebook
  • union jack notebook
  • headbands x2
  • pink bling-y phonecharm
  • drrr masking tape
  • hello kitty bubblegum pink nailpolish
  • nature republic essence nailpolish
  • *not pictures* hugeass binder w/ a boatload of hetalia stuff


  • likes dont count
  • no giveaway blogs
  • reblog as much as u want, each one counts as a entry
  • dont have to follow me, but if u do u get an extra entry!
  • only ship within america sorry ;A;
  • must be willing to give address &other info so i can ship it 2 u

ends on july 13th!

e-Mook Silver Smart Magazine Special Edition 28 - Ruki - scans part 2

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The elegant and always lovely minori0000 being pure perfection.

Full video interview: here!

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I swear one more time and I am going to actually make use of that nifty position of yours and kick you right in the groin.






Most adorable thing ever